Sunday, January 2, 2011

Our Story

When we were young kids Jenny and I always shared a special bond. We didn't spend a ton of time together growing up, but whenever we came in to each other's lives we always seemed to have an instant connection! When we were teenagers Jenny and I would attend church dances and we can both vividly remember saving the last dance of the evening for each other. Years later, when we were in High School, Jenny and I both went to the spring prom but with different people. Much like all the dances before in our lives, we spent the evening dancing with one another and occasionally with others, but of course the last dance of the evening was reserved. Over the course of our lives we both had developed a special place in our hearts for the other, but neither of us ever acted on our feelings in a way that was big enough for the other person to notice how much the other cared. We both made small attempts that were all either misunderstood, misinterpreted, or unnoticed. After high school, we both went to church colleges. Jenny would end up at SVU in Virginia and I ventured out to BYU in Hawaii. We had both married other people, and spent years in marriages that would eventually end in divorce. It was at the end of both our marriages that we would come into each other's lives once again~ We had never officially "dated" before and I finally asked Jenny to accompany me on a date. She accepted the invitation and we started to actively pursue a love that had seemingly been there all along. We supported each other through all sorts of trials that would come our way and after a little over a year of dating we decided that the many many years of us constantly being drawn to one another had to be a sign... a sign that seemed senseless to ignore any longer. Jenny and I were married at sunrise on New Years Morning of 2011! It was the start of a new day, of a new year, that would be our beginning of a new life together... finally and forever!